Sunday, May 13

Styles I Will Do Before The Big Chop

Happy Mother's Day to all of the beautiful Mothers out there! You are appreciated!

When I first started my hair journey, I would stretch my relaxer for 4 months at a time. After each relaxer, I would make a list of what I would do to my hair during the 4 months to keep me patient enough to make it through the stretch.
That really worked for me because I always knew what I would do next to my hair so I rarely had any bad hair days.

Well, I wrote a LONG list of styles I would like to do before I BC. It is a mix of protective and low manipulation styles that could last from 1-8 weeks.

When I have a chance (or if I can find any I like online) I will post some pics of them. But this post is primarily for myself, so I can go back and check off each style as I go. Of course I will post either tutorials or pictures of style I create.

I may add some more but for now I want to do:

1.) Single Box Braids (extensions)
2.) Bantu-Knot out
3.) Senegalese Twists (extensions) 
4.) Flexi-rod Set
5.) Twist and Curl
6.) Crochet Braids
7.) Roller-sets with smaller rollers
8.) Half wig- will get a kinky curly one
9.) Roller Set hair, Blow dry roots on cool air then Caruso Roller-Set
10.) U-Part Wig
11.) Infinity Bun
12.) Cornrows (extensions)
13.) Curly Puff
14.) Variations of Buns(braids or twists in front) and up-do's
15.) Phony Pony ( I may braid my hair up into one. Or get a afro-textured pony..not sure yet)
16.) Chiney Bump Out
17.) French Braid (or 2)
18.) Kinky Twists (extensions)

19.) Chunky twists with my own hair- Will do this once I get past 13 months post
20.) Variation of styles with my signature twists (will include flat twists or braids in the front)

*In between each long term protective style, I plan on wearing my hair out for 2-4 weeks hence all the styles with my own hair.


  1. Great list. I plan styles out weekly so that I always know which protective style I'm going with all. I look forward to your upcoming styles. You know how much I love your twists.

    1. Thanks! Isn't that so helpful? You always have the cutest styles too.
      Thanks, girl! Hope you had a great Mother's Day!!


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