Sunday, May 13

Curled Twists

During the week I typically wear my twists in a bun or some sort of up-do (Kind of like how I used to bun my loose hair during the week, but instead with twists). On weekends I like to wear the twists down, so I can enjoy them a little more. I would either do a bantu-knot out or a twist and curl. This time it was a twist and curl.

 I just:
  • sprayed the twists with my Aloe Vera Mix (Water, AVJ, Vitamin E oil, Safflower Oil, Essential Oils)
  • sealed that in with some shea-butter (I take a small chunk of shea-butter, put it in the palm of my hands, spray the chunk with my Aloe-Vera Mix, then rub my hands together to create a creamy consistency)
  • did 5 flat twists
  • put satin rollers at the end of each twist.  
  • Put some aloe vera gel on edges
  • wrap hair with satin scarf and let hair set overnight
  • in the AM take out rollers and flat twists
  • flat twist the left side of hair and pin down

These were the results:

*These are 2 week old twists.


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