Wednesday, July 4

Video: 32 Weeks Post Relaxer Braid n Curl

This is just a brief video showing how I actually do my braid n curl. I finally got a chance to edit. 
I was too tired to record the take-down in the AM, but it didn't really entail much. I basically just took out the rollers then unbraided. Did not use any type of product since my hair had enough in it.  

Disclaimer: This is the best song I could find on the YT editor and I wasn't in the mood to search for hours. If you don't like it..feel free to mute it.


  1. You make it look sooo easy! I find it so hard to braid my own hair.

    Thanks for the video. Your hair turned great!

  2. haha, thanks. It takes a lot of practice,so I'm sure you will get it soon.

    Thanks for watching :-D


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