Saturday, October 20

11 Months Post Relaxer!

My hair last night at 11 months post

Earlier this week I made 11 months post relaxer! 
I still have more relaxed ends than natural hair. 
I have been dusting my ends, but haven't done any big trims. So in February I will cut off about 2-3 inches.
One thing I must say is that transitioning get's easier the further along you get. 
Oh and I LOVE my hair!! 

I will give a more detailed update once I hit one year post. 


  1. November I will be 11 months. Can't believe it. Its amazing how a few months ago, I plan to do this for a year, and now I'm so comfortable I might go past the original mark I set for a year and half (18 months), now I might go longer. The back and middle is growing like a weed, but I'm a little disappointment with how the front is growing.

    I haven't done a major trim in some time, last time I did, i had a hard time doing some updo styles, so I have half and half in some parts, and about a third in the front, but its cool, I just trim when needed.

    1. Wow..congrats!! You will be at 18 months before you know it.
      Same for me..the front of my hair grows the slowest. But by the time you chop, I bet it will be pretty long.

      Oh okay. Trimming as needed seems to work!
      Good luck on the rest of your transition. Keep me posted!


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