Sunday, October 21

Trimming Twists on Relaxed or Transitioning Hair

I put my hair in some twists today and after doing my second twist, I  noticed my ends looked thin. 
So, I decided to cut about .5- 1 inch off each twist.

This is some of the hair I trimmed off

The trim made my ends look much better. The last time I dusted/trimmed my ends was on September 1st and although that wasn't too long ago, this was needed.

I plan on keeping these in for about 3 weeks since it took me almost 4 hours to install. 


  1. The ends look great! You're sailing along in this transition nicely.

  2. I'm still impressed by how awesome your transition is going .. good job :)
    Question, will you wash your hair with the twists while you keep them in? Just wondering how you plan to care for your scalp.

    1. Aww thank you!!
      Yes, I always wash my hair when I'm in twists..especially if I keep them in longer than 1 week.
      I would either was with diluted shampoo(I use wen) or do an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse weekly.

  3. Your tresses look so wild, but in a good way, lovely. I bet you pull off the "sexy messy" look easily. :)

  4. What do you use to put in your twists?

    1. I usually lightly spritz my hair with water then use a Shea-Butter mix(Shea-butter, coconut oil, EVOO and essential oils).


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