Friday, October 12

#Random Hair Update & More

Happy Friday!!!
I just want to thank each and every one of you for reading my blog and sticking with me through-out my dry spells! 
This post is going to be full of randomness. So because I  haven't been posting as often as I would like..I'm going to fill you in on what I can remember! 

  • My hair is in twists and will remain in them for the next 5 weeks(will re-do every 2 weeks).  I assume you all have seen enough pics of let me not bore you with more
  • I tried to do a puff last week when my twist-n-curl was on it's last leg and it resulted in this:

  • I got a new job!!! I have accepted a position with a different company a few weeks ago, so I am extremely busy training and transferring my current duties. This new position is exactly what I wanted and prayed for. It feels great to advance in my career despite the current state of our economy. So for everyone out there...if you want something: pray on it, work smart/hard and you will get it. 
  • I have lost 5 pounds since I started working out more aggressively. So now it's all about maintaining my weight and toning up EVERYWHERE. Below is my starting size and I will update you all in December with my final weigh in for the year. Sorry I'm not showing the legs..they are not a concern of mine, but I will show them in another pic. I need my waist to be smaller though!! 
Taken on August 18 and 19th 2012 

  • I am still obsessed with earrings and these are my current favorites 
I searched the streets of Harlem to find these bad boys! 

  • My mother purchased this Haitian Black Castor Oil from a local BSS. She said it's NOTHING like the real thing and it's just regular ole' Castor Oil labeled as Haitian Black Castor Oil. your $10 and head over to Walmart and get you some castor oil for $2.60 

  • This is me playing around with my parents cat, Calypso. He's a nice cat, I like him. He doesn't care much for me though. I think I will leave you with that. 
I'll be back soon to do some "normal" posts!
Have a great weekend!!!


  1. You look great! Just keep at it. I've been hitting the gym hard too, helps me sleep. :) Those gold earrings that look like bee stingers or thorns are awesome!

    1. Thank you!! Yes, it does help with sleep.

  2. Congrats on your new job!! I love those horn looking earrings!

  3. Oh and the gold earrings were purchased on

  4. Congratulations on your new position! Looking pretty great in your pics and those earrings are pretty amazing..

  5. Seems you have soo much awesome things going on! Congrats on that new job, isn't it an amazing feeling?

    Also, your hair is looking great. It's typical to have those hair jitters, I would say don't compromise your journey or where you are trying to go with your hair. But it's also very important to once you start at the company, get a feel of their "office" culture, and possibly how other women are wearing their hair- just to get a feel of what may be appropriate and what may be going to far.
    This December I'm possibly thinking of starting to loc my hair, I have been thinking about it for some time but I'm not going to lie and say that I'm not afraid of being discriminated in the future.
    I think dredlocs are more accepted now than they were before, but I'm still worried.

    1. Hey girl! Long time..hope all is well.

      Thank you!!!
      I agree. I should get a feel of their office culture. I already decided to to twists for the first day, since it's a style I plan on wearing for years to come.

      Ooh really?? I think you would look great in locs. It is completely normal to be worried, but I feel as if locs and short cuts seems to be the most accepted when it comes to natural hair.
      You have some time to think about it, but either way I know you will look beautiful!


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