Monday, October 8

Mustard Oil for Hair Growth

Whenever I go back home to visit my Parents/family,  I always stop by some near-by Moroccan and Indian stores to purchase my hair oils, ayurvedic powders or shea-butter. I didn't really need to re-stock on anything this time around, but felt like trying something new.
The first thing that stood out to me was Mustard Oil. I vaguely recalled reading about how it can stimulate hair growth, so I checked out a few articles online while at the store then decided to give it a try.

Before I get into the benefits of Mustard Oil..let me tell y'all something. This oil STINKS to high heavens! As soon as I opened the bottle, I almost gagged. I had my Mother smell it and she told me to only use it before I wash my hair so I don't walk around smelling all funky, yet she asked for some to add to her oil But when she added it to her oil mix, the essential oils in it cancelled out the Mustard Oil smell, so I knew I would be okay. are the benefits of Mustard Oil

  • Mustard Oil is widely used in holistic massages as a treatment for back pain and arthritis. It produces a warm sensation, increases blood circulation and removes toxins from your system. Therefore if used on your scalp, it will give the same results.
  • Mustard Oil contains a high amount of beta carotene and is a good source of vitamins and nutrients which help nourish your scalp
  • Mustard seeds, which mustard oil comes from, contain calcium, protein, vitamins A nd E and Omegas 3 and 6 which are all components that make mustard oil an effective growth agent. The vitamins ensure strong hair and prevent the hair from falling out while the fatty acids(omega 3 and 6) conditions and makes the hair stronger. 

How will I use Mustard Oil? 
In Sulfur Oil mix. I already mixed it up, added in the Essential oils, which luckily masked the wretched smell and did a patch test on my arm. 
I applied the mix to my scalp not too long ago and it feels the same/normal. 
I will let y'all know if I experience any faster growth or positive hair changes. 

BTW: This 16.9 oz bottle cost $5.00 at an Indian grocery store.

Update: I did not experience any increase of hair growth using this. It smelled really bad and I only used it for about 2 months.



  1. Oh my, I would probably gag too, indigo actually makes me gag now I need a mask to put it on now...however, the things we do for beauty right? The sacrifices are necessary for gorgeous locks! :)
    If you like indian health stores, you would love Pike's Place Market in Seattle, lots of little indie shops filled with curative oils and natural remedies!

    1. Oh man, you need a mask to apply Indigo? That stinks(no pun intended)!
      lol, I know.
      Ooh really? I'm sure I'll be in Seattle for work and I'll be sure to remember this.


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