Sunday, November 11

Air-drying and Styling my Transitioning Hair

Happy Sunday!!! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend :-) 

This is a continuation of my last post. 

Now, if  I plan to wear my hair loose(i.e not in twists), I air-dry in braids or twists to stretch out the natural portion of my hair. 
Braids usually can get the job done, but I feel like braiding can be too much manipulation so I opt for twists. 
Because twists don't stretch the hair out completely, I band the top port of the twists(where my natural hair is) using glue-less and metal-less scrunchies. 
Before banding, I lightly misted my hair then added my Shea-Butter mix to each section. 

I have approx. 12 twists in my hair and I let it air-dry for about 2 hours. 

Don't worry, I did not leave the house like this. I could just imagine getting this look all day long if I did. 


My hair didn't dry with-in those 2 hours, so I grabbed my blow-dryer(which I haven't used in SO long) to finish the job.
I just pulled each twist taut and proceeded to blow-dry on high heat for about 30 seconds. Then on cool air for about 10 seconds. 

My hair looked like this after taking out the twists and bands. 

After about 1 hair started to shrink up again making my relaxed ends look thin, so I decided to pull my hair back. 
 This option takes about 2 minutes. 
I just throw on a thin headband, then twist and pin the back of my hair. 

I usually let a few pieces of hair down to "frame" my face. 

Option number two takes a little more time. Probably about 7 minutes. 
I just use a thin scarf to gather my hair into a high pony/puff. 
I gently push the front back while gently tightening the scarf then I do the same with the back of my hair. 
After I get the pony/puff in a desired position, I tuck in the ends of the scarf then start gathering my hair to form a bun(bobby pinning when needed)
Then I spritz my edges with water, add some Aloe Vera Gel and oil then tie it down with a scarf for about 5 minutes. 

This is the end result. 

So, every night this week, I will put in about 8 twists and band them to keep my hair stretched. And I will style my hair as shown. If I get bored, I may add in some headbands or hair accessories. 


  1. haha I love the eddie murphy graphic.
    The end results looks so good, your hair looks so thick!

    1. I'm glad u like it. I laugh whenever I see it.
      Thank you!!!!

  2. I love the styles! They are very cute, your hair looks really full and very healthy. I love the Eddie Murphy graphic! It had me laughing quite loudly..thank you for that as well.

    1. Thank you, Senecea!
      Lol I'm glad that made you laugh!


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