Saturday, November 17

Today's Mini Haul

I rarely purchase hair products nowadays because I have staples that generally last a long time. 
This is probably my first time buying things for my hair in a couple months. 

Today's purchases consisted of:

1 oz Peppermint Essential Oil- $6.99 GNC 
1 oz Rosemary Essential Oil-  $3.50 GNC (was Buy 1 Get 1 50% off) 
I use the essential oils for my oil blends, shea-butter mix, aloe-vera mix and sometimes a few drops in my water spritz
Two 2 oz Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel- $.94 each at Target
2 Spray Bottles- $.94-$1.40 at Target 
I use the large spray bottle for my water or Aloe Vera Mix. The small bottle is for oil. 
Draw String Satin Bonnet- $1.49 at local Dollar Store
Brush - $1.00 at local Dollar Store
I already have a satin bonnet, but I thought the draw string bonnet was cool. lol. 
I use the brush to smooth my hair when doing buns. I don't brush throughout my hair just around the perimeter. 

That's all folks. Nothing exciting...but I'm proud to say I have kicked my habit! I am no longer a "Product Junkie" !!!


  1. Hey Miss D, how do u use d AVG, I have exactly d same type but don't knw wat to use it for. It doesn't work well for my twists either!

    1. Hi Enigma!
      I use the AVG to smooth down my edges in twists and sometimes when my hair is loose.. although it doesn't give me maximum hold.
      I also mix it in my Shea-butter mix before twisting. Because the AVG can cause the Shea-butter mix to spoil quicker than normal, I only mix enough to twist my hair that day.

  2. The drawstring sating bonnet is my favorite! I love it because the size is adjustable and it can fit over and sort of rollers, etc. that I may have on my head and want to sleep in! I need to get another one because I like to have two on rotation. Enjoy

    1. Oooh really? That's great to know! I'm looking forward to using it (it's the little things in life that make me
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. OH yeah, I love the Aloe Vera product on the market for skin hands down! :) I'm still a bit of a product junkie when it comes to lip balms and such, and the organic stuff!

    1. I love Aloe Vera Gel too! too! I transferred my addiction to skin care and make-up. Lol

  4. I am too happy to find things that my hair like to go back to being a pj junkie lol My hair isn't responding to ors hair mayo anymore so when its finish, I'll be doing a little haul myself sometime soon....the one year transitioning anniversary is coming up, so it may be a big haul :D

    1. I used to love ORS Hair Mayo. Do you know what you will be replacing that with?
      How exciting..congrats on making it this far!

    2. I have no idea what I'm going to be replacing it with. It was a staple my last few years relaxed, and for the most part of my transition.


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