Saturday, November 3

Castor Oil Experiment: Update

I know, I know..I have been gone for almost 2 weeks. I've just been so busy!! I still am, but because I promised an update on this castor oil experiment, I decided to  give one today. do you remember this post I did about applying castor oil to my lashes for strength and length? 
I am proud to say that I have been consistent with applying it daily, usually in the morning. 
I have noticed that my lashes are so much stronger than the past. I haven't seen a stray lash in months. 
I have also noticed they are a LITTLE longer than before, but it's not an extreme difference. 
But because they are stronger, I will continue to use the castor oil. 

On to the comparison shot. 

July 23, 2012 

November 3, 2012

* If anyone is thinking about applying castor oil to your lashes, be sure to rub the CO in very well to avoid blurry vision.


  1. They look like they are thicker too!

    1. Thanks, ladies! I couldn't tell until looking at the pics again.

  2. Wow, the results are obvious! Not sure if it's just the photo, but the lashes look so much bolder as well, very nice and thick. I bet they look gorgeous after you curl them, if you do anyway. Nicely done and welcome back! :D

    1. Thanks!! I haven't curled them in a while, but I'm going to try.

      Thanks!! :-D

  3. I see a significance difference. I should start!!!

    1. thanks! If you do, let me know how it works for you.


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