Thursday, December 6

My Long Term Transition Inspirations

I frequently watch former long term transitioners videos for inspiration. 
All of these ladies had different methods while transitioning, but the end result was beautiful natural hair. 
Hope these videos inspire some of my fellow transitioners out there! 

FusionofCultures- She is my ultimate favorite Youtuber! I believe I posted this video before,
but she transitioned for 24 months and did a great job doing so. 

xmaneeventx- She transitioned for 22 months and was left with SO much hair when she BCed. 

mstiaradean- She transitioned for 21 months and came up with some cute styles through-out her transition. 

kikicouture10- She transitioned for 21 months and is another one of my favs. Unfortunately, I didn't find her channel until later on in her transition, but I go back to her transitioning videos all the time. 

alodia80- Her hair is GORGEOUS!! Her transition lasted 19 months. 


  1. the only one I was familiar with was xmaneeventx. I admire all these women who transition for 20+ months...serious admiration for all long term transitioner. Now that my natural hair is really really really out weighing the relax hair, the temptation with the scissors gets harder

    1. Yes, long term transitioning requires so much patience.
      If you don't think you're completely ready, hide your hair for a little bit. Regardless, you made it so far and you have 1 year worth of growth!

  2. Thanks for this! I plan on going 30+ months myself!

    1. No problem! 30 months?! That's great! How far along are you now( lol sounds like I'm talking about a pregnancy)

    2. LOL I'm going into my 9th month now!


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