Sunday, December 2

Transitioning to Natural: Hair Plans

As most of you know, I am 1 Year post relaxer, well 54 weeks post to be exact. 

I'm still in the Preservation stage of my transition where my hair will remain in protective and low maintenance styles. 

This will go on for the next 6 months then in the last 6 months of my transition, I will wear my hair out to just enjoy it and experiment with more "natural" hair-styles. 

As I have said before, I plan my hair styles about 4-6 months in advance. It sometimes changes here and there, but for the most part I stick to the schedule(I'm a huge "list" person)

In case anyone is interested, here are my plans:

2 weeks 11.26-12.7- Chunky Twists
2 weeks 12.9-12.22- Flat twists and two strand twist style  This never happened!
1 week 12.22.12-31- Braid n curl (or twist n curl)- It's the Holiday week, so my hair is going to be out. 
3 weeks 1.1-1.18- medium sized twists
1 week 1.18-1.25- chunky twists or wear my hair out
2 weeks 1.25-2.8- Trying a flat twists up-do
1 week 2.8-2.16- I plan to wear my hair out since its my Birthday week 
6 weeks 2.16-3.29- Single braids with extensions 

I of course will blog each style I do. 

As for my hair now: 

I had my hair in a set of chunky twists last week, but they looked a hot mess and lowered my self-esteem by the second. So you know I had to take them bad boys out. 

Because I didn't want to spend too much time on my hair, I did another set of chunky twists. 

This time, I brushed my hair back and up as if I were doing a "puff", tied a scarf to hold that down, then twisted the center. 

I have about 15 twists in my hair right now. During the week, I will just switch up the hair scarf and pin the twists back. 

excuse the crappy photo quality. 


  1. I love that style! I will def have to try it when in a few weeks when I have some new growth.

    1. Thank you!!! If you do, I would love to see pics :-)

  2. I'm wearing twist (unless I get a interview) until I chop. Bandana, and scarfs to dress em up. I've been itching to fly flat twists, but my edges....have been itching to do senegalese twists too...but my edges....
    braid and curl, twist and curl is the best thing ever

    1. Are you afraid of putting too much stress on your edges?

      Aren't they?!

  3. I don't think I put too much strain, but it is thinning :/ Don't want to do anything that would affect it anymore


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