Wednesday, December 26

Update Time

Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the time spent with family!! J

So, I wanted to give you all a brief update on me and my hair!

  • First off, I am 60 weeks post relaxer!! J

 I have been getting the urge to BC on New Year’s day, but I am hoping that will pass! Just in case, I’m going to hide my shears lol.

  • I’m still in Twists!

I planned to wear my hair out for Christmas, but because I had it out for a few weeks in the last month, I wanted to give my hair a break.  I will keep these in for another week and a half.
 I want to enjoy my real hair for as long as my relaxed ends look good. The moment they start to look ridiculous in comparison to my natural hair, I will then rock some braided  or twisted extensions.

  • I’m finally on Instagram!! I said I wouldn’t get one, but I bit the bullet and made an account. I actually post pictures too! So, please check it out and follow!
Username: msd14

  • I am still posting regularly on Tumblr, so check me out here.

  • Also, check out this wonderful blog/tumblr my sister recently created. She’s into fashion, hair, music and much more. I love it and think you will too!

  • My laptop is experiencing technical difficulties which explains my decline in posting. I plan on getting a new one soon so I can be back in commission!!! 

That's it for now! I will be back soon to post answer to questions I have received via email. I, of course, replied to them already.. but think they will be helpful to others out there. 

How's everyone doing? What's going on with your hair?


  1. Wow, 60 weeks post relaxer...congratulations!!! Happy Holidays!

  2. Wow, your hair looks great and you're glowing! Hope your Christmas was awesome and a great new year! I am leaving my main blog but my photo one is still up if you want to follow. :) That tumblr site looks neat, I'll check it out! :) Best wishes to you and yours, dreamn.

    1. Thank you!!! You are such a sweet person and I'm glad to have e-met you this year! Sad to read you're leaving your main blog, but I will most def. follow your photo blog( when I get to a cpu)
      Happy New Year!!!


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