Tuesday, January 1

Did I Achieve My 2012 Hair Goals?

Let's see! 

1.) Maintain Healthy Hair with little to no breakage all Year

This is the last pic I took with my hair out. As you can see, it's pretty healthy. My hair has remained healthy all throughout the year and I experienced minimal breakage. I am happy with the state of my hair right now! 

2.) Grow my edges

These are my edges. Left and right side. I have come to realize that the hair I was trying so hard to grow were my baby hair. lol. They wont grow any longer than what you see and I'm okay with that. 

3.) Experiment with new styles

These are just some of the styles I have done in 2012. Not many NEW style, but I had switched it up here and there. 
Last but not least
4.) DO NOT RELAX MY HAIR (more to come on this)

13+ months post relaxer and COUNTING!

How did you do on your hair goals?


  1. Great job on achieving all your goals this year!! When do you plan on BCing? Another year?

    1. Thank you! :-)
      My main goal is to fit my natural hair in a ponytail. Once I can do that, I'll probably BC


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