Wednesday, February 13

Fighting the URGE to BC

Feb 2nd

Ok, so I am a few days shy of 15 months post relaxer and the urges to BC come more often than not. I still KNOW for a fact that I am not completely ready to BC, but the thoughts keep plaguing my mind.

During one urge, I trimmed. 

And on another one,  I completely cut off a piece of relaxed hair on a small section of my hair 

That piece right there reminds me why I am doing a long term transition. 
Now, Stretched it may be a decent length

But, I still want LONGER hair when I BC. 

So...the first thing I did, was purchase a bottle of Hair, Skin and Nail Vitamins. 

I plan on taking 1 a day, although the suggested dosage is 3. 

Next on my list is to:

  • Get my hair back to BLACK- The Henna is making my hair a reddish brown color and I really want my hair to be Jet black by the time I BC. So, I still have one pack of Indigo left and I will do a Henna & Indigo treatment in about 3 weeks. Then after that I will do Jet black rinses monthly. 
  • Buy a Steamer- I know my natural hair get's dry pretty quickly. A steamer has been on my wish list for a while and I MUST have one before I BC. I plan on incorporating it in my natural hair regimen. 
  • DO MORE STYLES!!!!- I have been so lazy with styling my hair. I must complete the styles on my list before I BC. If not all, at least 75%
  • Finish my Sulfur Powder- Natural hair growth is on my mind right now. So, I will be mixing up my Sulfur oil mixes to apply to my scalp at least 5 times nightly. 
So, now that I have these goals in place, I think I'm back on track to BCing in no less than 5 months. Wish me luck!! 


  1. I gave myself a good little trim last night trying to restrain my urge to chop.

    Ur hair looks like mine in the first pic. If i had that much new growth in the front of my hair, this transition would be over.

    1. Trims definitely help!

      Oh really? How far along are you again?
      Haha. I keep thinking that it's long enough, but I'm just not ready yet

  2. I'm 14 months post, 15 next month


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