Tuesday, February 12

Quick Tips- Split Ends

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Split ends are inevitable. Even with the best care, one or two(or much MORE) are bound to pop up. 
I have found the best way to avoid them are to follow these simple steps. 

  • Keep hair hydrated!- This is obvious. Dry hair leads to damage and fraying. Keep up with your deep conditioning sessions, moisturize when needed and always seal!
*Sealing with a silicone based product, if you wash often, helps to temporarily repair any current splits you may have. 
  • Be Gentle- When detangling your hair, I always suggest finger detangling first to remove any "large" tangles. Then using a comb or brush. NOTE: It is suggested to start from your ends then work your way to the roots. DON'T spend too much time on your ends! I doubt they are that tangled for you to keep combing or brushing them over and over again
  • Use a Seamless comb- My seamless comb is heaven sent. I have experience much less splits and breakage by using it. I suggest everyone to either use a seamless comb or one with very low seams. 
  • Dust Regularly- Dusting helps stop the splits before they even start. You don't have to CUT your hair, but minor dustings of about ___ this much hair, helps in the long run.
  • Don't rip out the SSK's- I know some naturals experience SSK's. If you encounter them, hold off from ripping them out. Wait until you have a good pair of shears available to cut them out. 

If you have any tips to contribute, leave em below!

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