Monday, March 11

Big Chopped...Now What??

Left: Fresh out of damp braids
Right: Shrunken hair 
I first want to thank each and every person that commented on my big chop post!!! You all made me feel even more confident about my decision and I sincerely appreciate the love!! on to my hurr.

I’m going to begin with 3 things I did wrong after my big chop-

1.)    I washed my hair loose!- Tangles GALORE!! Never again will I do that. Must stick to at least 4 sections.
2.)    Even though the braids I set my hair in were damp, I still took them out- Shrinkage GALORE! I should have blow-dried on cool air to make sure they were completely dry. But I actually liked the shrinkage look.
3.)    I slathered coconut oil all throughout my hair when taking the braids out- Oh Goodness…my hair was SOOOO hard 2 seconds after I stepped outside. It was like 34 degrees and coconut oil, which I learned in the past, does not work well(on my hair) in cold weather!! When I got to my parents’ house, I had to spray my hair with water/avj then apply more moisturizer.

The above could apply to anyone; whether relaxed, natural or transitioning. Please learn from my mistakes!!

So, what am I going to do with my hair now??

It’s back to business as usual.

·         Keep my hair twisted during the week – It’s still cold out here and I need to protect my ends!!
·         Unleash it on weekends
·         Wash and DC either weekly or bi-weekly- Need to figure this out
·         If bi-weekly- I will co-wash in between
·         Once a Month I will most likely do a flat twist up-do that will last 2 weeks
·         Every 6 weeks I will do a Henna and Indigo treatment- I need my hair to be JET BLACK again!!
·         In May, I will install single braids or kinky twists as originally planned
·         Dust every 2-3 months- Dusting, as I have learned, keeps MY hair healthy in the long run.

I need to:
·         Buy some new deep conditioner-I currently have ORS Replenishing Pack. I’m going to see how that works for my natural hair, but I also want a strictly moisturizing conditioner…preferably with mostly natural ingredients.
·         Get some Shea-Butter ASAP- I think my Shea-butter mix would work wonderfully with my natural hair.
·         Experiment with new products, while trying not to relapse- I’m a recovering PJ, so I need to tread lightly on this one.

Big Chopping has made me fall back in love with my hair and hair care in general. I’m excited about what the future holds for my
I am trying my absolute best not to focus on length. I learned that hair grows and as long as it’s healthy..there are only good things to come.

I want you all to remember, this is strictly a hair blog. Not a natural hair blog or relaxed hair blog..but a HEALTHY HAIR BLOG!!
I will never forget that and I hope you won’t either ;-)


  1. I want moar pics! I think i may cut early too just so i can try out some more hair products >_>

    1. lol. I will take more pics of my hair this weekend when I wear it out.
      Only cut when you are absolutely ready!! :-)

  2. I feel the excitement in your words..Keep the posts coming cos we will be reading

  3. THere goes that bad word again...shrinkage. Makes me depressed because i'm getting close to chopping myself since i have a inch of relax hair in some places.

    I was so looking forward to washing my hair loose lol

    1. LOL. Shrinkage isn't THAAAAT bad. I have come to terms with it and when you BC, you may too.
      Plus there are tons of ways to stretch hair with-out heat. When I try them out, I will def be doing posts.

      LOL..hey it works for some people. You never know, it may work for you.

  4. I'm glad that you are still addressing the relaxed heads out there! I'm relaxed with no plans of transitioning but I still love to learn and watch natural hair grow. Congrats on your big chop girl!

    1. :-) I can't leave out my relaxed readers!! And I like watching relaxed hair grow too. lol.
      Thank you!!!!

  5. Speaking about tangles galore, I had a setback during my last wash day because I was too lazy to section. But guess what I found 6footlong videos. Wow well they certainly helped. Now I have a cute protective hairstyle and been getting compliments every day for the past 2 weeks. It's the most confident I have been in the past year of my hair journey.

    Thank you a million times, stay Blessed :)

    1. Aw sorry to hear about your set-back! But I'm glad to know you have done a protective style you feel confident in! Thats the best feeling ever!!

      No.. Thank you for stopping by! Stay blessed as well :-)

  6. Your hair is so gorgeous! Congrats on your BC!


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