Tuesday, March 12

Oldies but Goodies!

Hey, Hey, Hey!

So I'm going through that dreaded "dry" phase after the big chop. Although my hair is in chunky twists, I can still feel that my hair is drier than the Sahara(no matter how much I moisturize it)

Instead of purchasing a bunch of hair products that I am not yet familiar with, I decided to go back to what worked best.  
I have used everything pictured and being a former relaxer stretcher(and long term transitioner), I grew to learn what worked well on my natural hair. 

Keep on reading if you're interested in seeing what I purchased. 

Glycerin- My relaxed hair hated glycerin. It made it sticky and weird looking, but my natural hair loves it. Glycerin was the only thing keeping my natural hair moisturized while transitioning. I plan on adding this to my Water/AVJ mix that I typically spray before sealing. 

AVJ- YOU ALREADY KNOW! This is my staple! I was using Lily of the Desert AVJ, but it was so much more expensive than the above and the bottle was teeny. 

Castor Oil- I will be using this in my Shea-Butter mix and to oil my scalp.

Shea-butter- This bad boy cost me $8.00 and I typically get a pound for that price back at home. I was so mad, but had to do what I had to do!
My shea-butter mix kept my natural hair uber moisturized and I'm sure once I start using it again the dryness will be a thing of the past. 
Aubrey Organics White Camellia Conditioner- I used this in the past. I actually won it in a giveaway done by MissMusic. I loved it, but for some reason didn't repurchase.  I needed a strictly moisturizing conditioner and figured this would be perfect. I will let y'all know how it works. 

Grape Seed Oil!- I loved me some grape seed oil, but when I discovered Safflower Oil, it took it's place. Now that I can't find Safflower oil and I'm all out of it...back to Grape Seed Oil I go. I love how lightweight, yet very moisturizing. Plus this liter will last me a good while..hopefully! 

I spent a total of approx. $50
If these don't get my hair right, I'm going to go ahead and buy a steamer. 
I'll keep you posted. 


  1. So glad you learned how to moisturize your natural hair during your long transition. Looking back on my pj-ism it was costly and exhausting trying to use up, try, review and make space for all those products.
    Kind of unrelated,but can I just say again that I love your bc. You made it look easy, especially with those cute twist styles. I use all of these same products/brands.

    1. Aww Thanks! It really helped.
      Sometimes being a PJ can help, but I'm glad you learned from that experience!
      Thank you soo much.


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