Saturday, March 23

Wash Night!

Hey Hey Hey!!

Last night while everyone was partying it up, guess what I was doing?? Yup you got it, washing and setting my hair. I actually enjoyed having a night in though. These last few months have been crazy for me!

Ok..before I start rambling, let me jump right in to my wash night. 

I had my hair in braids all week. Yesterday morning, I slathered Coconut oil all through-out the braids and went on my merry oily way to work. That was my prepoo.

Got home and washed my hair with WEN mildly diluted in a applicator bottle. 

This is my hair after shampooing and towel drying with turbie twist. Braids still in tact!

So, after shampooing..I added some Aubrey Organics liberally to my braids then covered with a plastic cap. I left it on for about 1 hour.

I then rinsed out the conditioner in the shower.
After rinsing the conditioner out, I wrapped my hair/braids in a turbie twistie to soak up the water and slightly dry them. 

I then sprayed my braids with my leave-in(AVJ, Water, Glycerin, Some oils)
Then proceeded to take out the braids. 

This is what my hair looked like when removing the braids. It's very damp in this pic. 

I then proceeded to section my hair off and detangle(with a wide tooth seamless comb and my fingers), then braid my hair. I put in about 12 braids. 
My leave-in left my hair super moisturized and kinda greasy, so I didn't even bother to add an more product. 

I lost SO little hair after a week and was kind of shocked. 
If I didn't remove all of my shed hair, I'll take care of that tomorrow when I braid my hair up for the week. 

This morning, I took out my braids. I added some of my Shea-Butter mix to each section when removing the braids. 

I will most likely wear my hair in a puff tonight, but I played around with a few hairstyles! 
Like I said..I need a few more inches before I feel comfortable wearing my hair out. 

That's all folks! Enjoy your weekend. 


  1. great post!!!!

    1. Thank you.

      You have yourself a new follower :-)

  2. I'm loving the after big chop hair care.

  3. Your hair looks so thick and healthy :).


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