Friday, March 22

7 Reasons Why I Love Short Hair

I chose to do a long term transition because I never wanted to have short hair again.
But then I grew madly in love with my natural hair and said, “Bump that!”. Hair’s constantly growing and my hair will be even longer than before. So why not enjoy this new found length?

So, what do I like about having short hair?

1.)    When washing my hair in the sink, it no longer gets stuck in the drain..You know why? Because it can’t reach it.

2.)    Easier and quicker to detangle

3.)    It accentuates my long I don’t know if this is even a good thing, but I actually like my long neck. #Giraffepower

4.)    I can be Gone with the Wind Fab without getting hair stuck in my eyes or mouth. 

5.)    I use less products therefore saving much more money!

6.)    A lot quicker to style my hair.

7.)    Because I look good with it..dang it!:-)  Confidence is everything!

So for all my shorter haired ladies out there…enjoy and love your short hair. If long hair is your goal, with proper care, you will get it!

Have a great weekend, loves!! I’ll be back next week with some more posts. Who would have thought BCing would make me fall back in love with my blog too?!?!

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  1. Tell the less product thing to my mom. She uses 2 - 3 times (maybe even more) as much oil on her freshly cut hair than I use on my shoulder length hair. Like really lady? You have like half an inch of hair -_-

  2. Where is a picture of you current length?



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