Saturday, April 13

What is My Hair Type?

I can not describe my hair by saying a simple number and letter, it's much more than that. 

The strands are very thick and I have a whole lot of them. My strands love to dance with each other, so I keep them secured in braids/twists during the week and stretched on the weekends to avoid knots.   My hair is very kinky yet loyal to natural products only. I have very tiny coils that shrinks up with the touch of water. 
My hair soaks up that water and holds moisture like no other(normal porosity). My hair is easily mold-able, so I can turn my coils to loose curls with a simple twist, bantu-knot and braid-out. 
My hair is pretty d*mn awesome.  

But if I were to describe it with a number and letter...

it would be 4b/4c.

What's your hair type?


  1. Like you its hard to define. I would say i'm an a 3b/3c through 4b...its complicated like that lol

  2. Hair is one of the most complicated parts of the human body. There are so many different types of textures, colors, and shaft structure. Not to mention the variety of genetics that can leave us with love/hate hair as well. It's a wonder we can find the right products for our hair sometimes! lol

    1. So true!!! really is. I know there is a science behind it, but for most it's just luck

  3. I'm a 4b/4c too....mostly 4c. I wouldn't ask for anything else!

  4. I think im 3b/3c but in some areas its possibly 3a.
    I like to knwo my hair type but I don't think its all that important to know.

    Mixed Beauty


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