Saturday, April 20

My Natural Hair Regimen

Hey Hey Hey! 
I apologize for the lack of blog posts this past week, I've been traveling for work and couldn't muster up any energy to get on here. 

Anyway..I have been fully natural for 6 weeks and finally figured out a regimen that works best for me. 

I believe it’s very simple and conducive to my lifestyle while helping me retain length and limit manipulation.

I’m going to do this differently... which will show you what I do with my hair week by week.

Week 1.)
Henna, Shampoo, Indigo, Deep Condition
Wear my Hair Out for the weekend
Install  protective style such as Twists or braids
Moisturize and Seal Daily
Oil Scalp with Oil mix 4X weekly

Week 2.)
Co-wash twists or braids
Remove and wear hair out for the weekend
Install a new set of twists/braids for the next two weeks. This set is usually nicer than the previous ones because I plan to keep it in for a longer period of time
Moisturize and Seal Daily
Oil Scalp with Oil Mix

Week 3.)
Hair will remain in protective style (may wear a scarf or beanie on the weekend to switch things up) 
May cowash during the week if needed
Moisturize and Seal Daily
Oil Scalp with Oil Mix

Week 4.)
Same as Week 2, but keep protective style in for 1 week.

To Sum it all up:

Shampoo 1x Monthly
Henna & Indigo 1x Monthly
Co-Wash up to 3x Monthly
Moisturize and Seal Daily
Oil Scalp 4x Weekly
Protective Style Weekly, but straight for 2 weeks out of the month without removing
Wear hair out 3x a month on weekends
Dust ends every quarter 

That's all folks! :-) 


  1. Lovely routine!

    You seem so disciplined haha, I couldn't manage something so strict haha!


    1. Thanks!

      Haha..I am, but it's also very convenient for me.

  2. I really need to practice braiding! I hope that you get some rest after your busy week!

    1. You will get it with time. Braiding is easier than it seems.

      Thank you!

  3. You are always right on time!!!! Thank you for posting your new regimen, I actually BCed just a few days ago, Friday to be exact! I was wondering about when it would be better to add my first Henna treatment as a Natural gal, I knew that I could count on you!

    **I don't know if my first comment made it to you, sorry if there is a duplicate!**

    1. Yaaaay!! Congratulations!!! I bet your hair looks beautiful!
      Henna makes my hair feel even better now that it's natural. I was pleasantly surprised.

      If you have any questions or anything about your newly natural hair, you know how to reach me!

  4. This may be off topic, and I think you've posted about it before, but since I'm thinking about BC'd this week, and I'm already thinking ahead, about how to style this shorter hair for interviews. ITs def not TWA, and i don't think i'll be able to bun it, I feel like having the extra few inches, makes it so easy to bun for interviews, but i don't know what I will do when I chop.

    1. How many months post are you? You may be able to pull off a few styles that still look "conservative". Such as a french roll, a puff bun (see this video ) and even a phony pony/bun.
      If you feel more comfortable with a few more inches, maybe you should hold off on the BC.
      I personally feel like you can rock your hair as is, regardless of the length, but for need to be confident and that's what matters most.

    2. I'm 16 months ...almost 17 (wow). Being able to pull off the conservative look has me a bit unsure, but i am a bit of an over thinker

    3. I'm 17 months post and can fit my hair in a ponytail and small bun. I'm pretty sure you could too and if needed, add some Marley hair for fullness(while pulling off the natural look).

      I am the same way so I totally understand!


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