Monday, May 6


I tried 3 new things this past week that I wanted to share with you.
1.) Went to work with Dookie Braids

On Thursday, I washed the previous set of braids I had in my hair then rebraided to slightly stretch my hair for the weekend since I was going to wear it out.
I haven't worn my hair loose to work since I big chopped, so no-one has any idea what my hair actually looks like. Weird, right?
Well, to keep on my with my tradition..I kept the braids I set my hair in and went to work.
I just tied a scarf on my head, like a headband, and called it a day.
2.) Wore my hair down

Funny..when I stretch my hair goes past my shoulders. You would never know by looking at this pic.
As you know, I have been wearing nothing but puffs since I BC'ed.
I just don't like how my hair looks down....yet. I think if I were to pick it out more to make it fuller, I would have liked it better.
 3.) Pineappled my Hair
I have been sick for the last couple of weeks and just did not have the energy to rebraid my hair at night. So, I pineappled it! Let me just tell you, I will FOREVER do this going forward.
I didn't have tangles and my hair was a lot more stretched than before.  
This is a keeper..especially since I keep my hair out 3 days tops.
That's it for now. I will post more of my trials as I do them!


  1. Oh shrinkage!! I am sorry that you haven't been feeling well.. Get better ASAP!!

    When you pineappled your hair did you use just the scarf? My hair is a little too short to make a ponytail right now but I never considered using just the scarf.

    1. LOL..gotta love it. Thank you..I'm hope I do!

      Yes, I just pushed my hair upwards and tied the scarf. No ponytail or anything.I didn't see a need for one since my hair isn't that long.

  2. Please do a tutorial on pineappling your hair

    1. Will do. If I have time, I will do it this wknd. If not, next wknd :-)


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