Monday, May 6

Poll Results: Let's Chat

Hey, Hey, Hey!!
Hope you all had a great weekend!
If you recall, I created a poll to get a good gauge of my audience so I can cater to everyone's needs.
A big Thank You to everyone that "voted"!
Just in case anyone was curious of the results, here they are.

Click for larger view

The poll results show that 69 of my readers are either natural or going natural.
The remaining 43 are chemically treated(relaxed, texlaxed, etc).

I would have never thought that the majority of my readers were natural especially since I started this blog as a relaxed head. Then again, I have always tried NOT to make this a relaxed hair blog, but a healthy hair blog.
If you look back, my posts show healthy hair tips(which could apply to relaxed and naturals), tips on braids(since that was my staple style), products, recipes, celebrity hairstyles and so much more.
I have decided to keep doing that and to consistently publish posts that suite all of my readers.
Yes, there may be a little more on natural hair, but that's because I AM natural now..and this blog is to document my hair journey as well.

So..stay tuned and please feel free to leave any post requests!

Have a great week!!


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