Sunday, June 2

My Fro's Summer Must Haves

Hey Everyone!!! Hope you all had a great weekend and if you're dealing with this HOT weather, I hope you stayed cool and hydrated. 

Summer weather has finally arrived and although my hair products haven't changed, I wanted to highlight on products/items that are helping my fro through this weather. 

I use this spray bottle for my water mixes. 
My mixes typically consist of water, rose oil, aloe vera juice and recently added glycerin. Sometimes, I use just plain ole' water and a few drops of rose oil. I spray my hair before sealing.
 On really warm days I keep the bottle in the fridge so it can cool my scalp/hair down. 

As most of you know, Glycerin is a humectant. It attracts moisture from the air and helps it adhere to your hair. 
I added glycerin to my regimen and spray bottle mix because it helps keep my hair ultra moisturized in this hot, humid weather. 

Shea-butter has a SPF of 6 which is great for the sunny days. I only use shea-butter when braiding or twisting my hair,
So, if my hair is braided for the week..I use shea-butter to do so. Same for when I set my hair after washing. It's nice and thick, so I don't need to moisturize my hair everyday. 
(The brand of Shea-Butter doesn't matter. It only needs to be white, for me to purchase it.)

Grape Seed Oil has a SPF of 4. It is also a very light oil. When I wear my hair out, I usually use either Vitamin E or Grape Seed Oil to seal in the moisture(my spray mix). 

Scarves and A LOT of them. I wear a hair scarf just about every day, Not only to add color and spice to my hairstyle, but at times to protect my hair on really hot days. 

What are your Summer must haves?


  1. My Summer "must haves" are def my scarves as well! I have also fallen hard for crochet puffy twist; infact, all hairstyles that are crocheted have become my newly revisited FAVE! They protect my hair completely from the sun's harsh elements and allow me to look trendy at the same time. Just stumbled upon your blog and I think it's awesome. Will DEF continue to follow!

    1. Hello! Gotta love scarves :-)
      Crochet hair styles are beautiful and are on my list of styles to try.
      Thank you and welcome!! :-D I appreciate the support.

  2. I finally big chop....a week ago. I'm still figuring it out my hair, my own capabilities, hair wise lol. I do know that I don't want to pull my hair in pony all summer, I'm trying to keep the tension off my edges

    1. Yaay!! Congratulations! Bet your hair looks beautiful!.
      LOL. You will figure it out soon enough. There are so many options other than pulling your hair back and even if you decide to do can flat twist or braid the front making a headband.
      I'm sure you will have a lot of fun with your newly natural hair!

  3. Cute puff! I'm a big scarf girl as well especially during the summer! Many times when I've just completed a wash day, have my hair braided, but don't want to put on my wig, I'll put on one of my go-to silk scarves and go about my day! HHJ!

    1. Thanks! Your hair is lovely btw!
      Scarves seem to be a favorite of many. They are so convenient and sheek!


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