Saturday, July 20

Single Braids with Xpression Collection Hair

Hey Y'all! Guess how I spent my Friday night? Yup, braiding my hair.
Well, I started off twisting it and it just didn't look right to I braided it instead.

I used the Xpression Collection hair that I purchased last April. I know I was complaining about it being $8.00 a pack, but besides the location of where I purchased it, I think I know why it was expensive.

First off, the hair is super LONG. When I cut it in half, it ends up being the same length as a full pack of regular braiding hair. So, if you wanted APL-BSL braids, you could cut them in 4 equal sections.
Also, it's super soft for Kanekalon hair which could be a good or bad thing. My issue with the softness was that the some braids unraveled too easily. That could be avoided if I were to pull the ends, to make an un-blunt(not a word) cut, before braiding.

Anyway, it took me about 7 hours to do this, with a few stops in between, and I used two packs.
I didn't have time to soak the hair in ACV before braiding because I was originally going to do twists, but I sprayed my scalp and some of the length of the braids with ACV/water.
I plan to keep these in for 6 weeks and will post a regimen post shortly.

On to the pics:

I did NOT want super heavy 2 packs is just fine for me. I'm not the one to use like 6 packs of hair on my They could be a little more full, but I could always add some waves or curls. 

I'm exhausted, so of course, I'll take and post better pics soon.

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  1. Its funny that a friend was telling me about Kanekalon hair because I'm thinking about getting either twist or braids.

    I'm amazed at people who do it themselves. I have so much hair, that it'll prob take me days to do. Microbraids aren't even a option for me.

    1. Oh really, that will be nice.

      It takes time to learn how to do it yourself, but it's easier than it seems.

  2. Ms.D you are so talented. I need to learn how to do the "knot" thingy, not quite a knot but whatever it's called that secures our hair and the extension hair. This looks so good. You did a great job. Were your arms burning?

    1. Awww thank you so much.
      I know what you mean and with practice, I'm sure you will get it.
      Thanks again and yes, they sure

  3. did you cut the hair into 4 sections or 3?

  4. Would you say these are cornrows or individuals?

    1. Hi. These are singles, but after looking at the pics I can see how they resemble cornrows. There were not that many braids.


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