Friday, September 6

The (Potential) Stages of a Long Term Transition

Transition from Relaxed to Natural that is.
Each of these emotions may come at different times or you may not experience them at all.

Stage 1(months 1-4) :
Excitement and Determination- I can do this! I am so happy I am transitioning and can’t wait until I’m fully natural. I’m going to research like crazy, watch tons of YT videos, subscribe to some blogs and maybe even register on a forum.  

Stage 2 (months 4-6):
Apprehension- What the H*ck did I get myself into? My newgrowth is so thick and I don’t know if I should continue, relax or just big-chop. Let me do a little more research, ask some questions and think this out before I make any rash decisions.

Stage 3 (months 6-9):
Shock and Curiosity- I cannot believe I made it this far! What am I going to do with my hair when it’s natural? I can’t imagine myself fully natural. Maybe I’ll be a straight haired natural. Who knows, but I’m just happy that I am X months post relaxer right now.

Stage 4 (months 9-12):
Frustration- My hair is looking a hot mess and I just wish it was one texture. I am running out of styles and nothing I do looks good. Why can’t I be natural already! I made it too far to relax, then again that may not be a bad idea. What the h*ck do I do?!?!

Stage 5(month 12):
Excitement(again)- OMGoodness!!! I can’t believe I am 1 year post relaxer!! This is one of the best days of my life. Time sure flew by. This was so easy so far.  I know I can make it to my BC goal now.

Stage 6 (months 12-right before you BC):
Anxiousness- I wonder how my hair will look if I big-chop right now. I just want to big chop! I can finally see how my natural hair really looks like and I love it.
Should I wait or should I cut? Man, I don’t know what to do. Let me look at some more inspiration.

Stage 7 (BIG CHOP):
Excitement (again)- I am soooo happy!!!! This was so worth it!   

The point of this post is to show transitioners that are going through these emotions, that it’s completely normal.
It’s also to give those that are thinking about transitioning and idea of what to expect.
Transitioning is such an exciting and fun journey, but as with anything, there will be some bumps along the way.
Just remember why your transitioning in the first place and that should keep you going!

Have a great weekend.


  1. Never got past stage 1 lol. Big chopped after 3 months

  2. Lol, this was definitely me while I was transitioning.


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