Wednesday, October 23

Fake It Until I Make It

I love my hair, I really do. I love wearing it in a puff or out in an Afro. But during the week, when I wear my protective styles, I don’t LOVE my hair. I just like it.
I don’t feel as beautiful as I do when I wear my hair out or in Box braids and Marley twists. I just know if my hair was a little longer, I would.  With that said, I’m going to fake it until I make it.
In previous posts, I stated that I would be doing the Crown and Glory method for the remainder of the year. That is still in effect depending on how my hair line holds up. I am also going to carry that well into next year.

I used to be the BRAIDS Queen, so I don’t want to do just box braids. And if I do box braids, they have to be a lot different than what I have done in the past. Maybe make them thick, use different colors, or switch up the length.
But, what I have planned to do is Senegalese Twists, Booty Length Marley Twists, Yarn Braids, Cornrows and maybe Havana twists. Each of these styles will last 6-8 weeks and I will wear my hair out(and I mean completely out, no PS’s) for 2 weeks between each installation.

My ultimate goal is for my unstretched hair to reach my shoulders all around. That means my front, sides and back(which will most likely go past that length).  Unstretched shoulder length means about BSL stretched. I think I can make that by the end of next year especially by keeping my hair protected. At that length, I know for sure my protective styles(with my own hair) will be up to my standards. I don’t want to rely on extensions or use them as a crutch. That’s not me and if you have followed my journey, I mostly wore my real hair out.
But because of the reasons previously stated …I’m am going to fake it until I make it.

How do you feel about extensions(braids, weaves, wigs)?
Are you faking it until you make it?


  1. Protective styling, for me mainly medium twist. Its boring, but its so convenient, as i've never been one to spend time with my hair, even when i was relaxed.

    I've never been into weaves, wigs and extensions. I am curious about trying marley styles, and the janet jackson braids. But i worry about how my hair will react to it, because i've never worn anything but my real hair, so it makes me nervous.

    I do have some frizz issues that i may just have to accept, but some days i love it more than others

    1. Twists are so convenient. That's how I typically wear my hair during the week, but in an updo.

      I think if you have a good braider and take proper precautions, your hair would be fine in braids.

      Frizz doesnt really bother me much either.

  2. I'm not much for a long term protective style but havana twists are GORGEOUS!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands


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