Monday, October 28

Twists Update- Week 1

I decided to document my Crown and Glory journey.
I will update my blog weekly, probably every Monday, just so I can see what works and doesn’t work for future styles.

So, I had these twists in for a week on Saturday.
I have been wearing them down every day because I do not want to cause any tension on my edges by wearing ponytails, buns or any updos.
Because these are still relatively new, they’re still a little tight.

After I was done twisting my hair, I sprayed it with ACV mixed with water as a preventive measure to avoid the itchies. My hair still itched the day after, so I sprayed it a little more with the ACV/Water Mix and now I’m fine.

I did notice my scalp flaking around day 2, so I oiled it with Grapeseed oil mixed with Rosemary Oil.  It’s still dry, so I will make another oil mix(Grapeseed, Castor, Rosemary and Eucalyptus Oil) and oil my scalp tonight. I don’t want to oil it too much because I am afraid of build-up.

For Maintenance, I just:

Spritz the length of braids 3-4 times a week with African Pride Braid Spray
Seal that in with the Grapeseed Oil mixed with Rosemary Oil about twice a week
Put my Hair in a high-bun then wrap with a silk scarf then bonnet at night

That’s about it.

The twists are holding up well, but I am already starting to lose my side part. I don’t mind that yet, but I will most likely touch it up around week 3. I did re-do about 5 twists because they were looking janky, but I don’t plan on doing much else to then until it’s time to re-touch.

These pics are from today.


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