Saturday, November 16

5 Reasons Why I Don't Like Raw Mango Butter

I have always wanted to try Mango Butter and finally got my hands on some back in September.
Now, one of the reasons why I never purchased it was because the only store I saw it at, charged a grip for a container. It was like $15 dollars compared to the $7 or $8 I would pay for Shea-butter.
But I ended up finding it on 125th Street in Harlem for $10 and I was so happy to finally try it out.

Before I get into why I don't like it, let me show you the reasons why THEY say you should use Mango Butter.

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On to my dislikes

1.) Hard to find/expensive- I touched on this above

2.) Hard in general- This is not a soft butter, at all. When I take a small piece, and try to liquify or melt it in my hands, it takes a lot of rubbing to do so.

3.) Doesn't mix well- I believe this is because of the hardness, but no matter how much I blended this with my oils, there were still small hard chunks. Those chunks would stay visible and not absorb into my hair. 

4.) Not moisturizing enough- I tried to use this alone on my hair(but couldn't because of the hardness), the same way I use(spray a liquid then seal with a butter) shea-butter and it didn't provide the adequate moisture I needed.  My hair was dry not too long afterwards, even in twists.
When I mixed it with other oils, it was more moisturizing, but not as good as shea-butter.

5.) Not multi-purpose(for me)- Keep in mind that the only butter I have used is Shea-butter. But with Shea-butter, I could lay down my edges, moisturize my skin and hair, use as chapstick and so much more.
I just didn't have that type of versatility with Mango-butter. So now, I have a big tub of it just sitting in my beauty room.

One good thing about Mango-butter is that it's odorless. That is the only pro I could really think of.
If I do use it again, I will try to melt it completely via stove top then mix it with oils.
That's more work than usual, but I don't like to waste money!

Are there any products you couldn't wait to try and when you did, was left disappointed?

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