Tuesday, November 5

Twists Update- Week 2

I have had these twists in for 2 weeks now(as of 11.2.13)
I must say that I am slightly missing my fro! I always get this way and the feeling will pass soon.
I love that my hair always looks “done” in the morning without much effort.
I put in a couple Cowry Shells because I just like the look of them.

The front of my hair is still flaking even though I oiled my scalp a few times, so I may wash/condition these twists soon.

I planned on re-doing the front at 3 weeks, but now feel like it’s not necessary. The twists don’t look too bad and I haven’t placed much tension on my edges plus I’m lazy. So, I’ll wait to re-do them when they’re 4 weeks old.

I’m still spraying them almost nightly with African Pride Braid Spray, oiling my scalp 2-3 times a week and wrapping them nightly with a satin scarf.

One thing I have noticed, that I am not fully blaming the twists on..yet, is that neck broke out not too long after installing them. It’s mainly on the side where most of the twists lay, so I am slightly conviced it’s because I did not do the ACV soak on this hair and I may have a minor allergic reaction.
So for now, I will be wearing my hair in a ponytail or bun until this clears up.

Hope you all have a great week!
Hair tips and non-twists related posts coming up soon!


  1. The twists still look good! So pretty.

  2. Hey lady! Your twists look great. I love how they look with the shell, too.

    1. Hey! Hope all is well and congrats on your bundle of joy!
      Thank you!!


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