Thursday, December 12

HOTW: Twists and Cornrows

Hey Hey Hey! Hope you all are having a great week. 

As you know, I removed my twists on Thursday so my wash day was on Friday/Saturday. 
My hair was loose all Saturday and Sunday. Before sleeping on Saturday, I moisturized/sealed then put each section in bantu-knots. On Sunday, I just wore my hair back in a ponytail.


On Sunday night, I put my hair in twists then cornrowed the sides. I plan to keep my hair like this until next Friday. 

I either pin the twists up or wear them in a bun. 

At night, I:
Oil my scalp (about every other day)
Spritz my hair with my AVJ Mix (Aloe Vera Juice, Water, Glycerin, Eucalyptus Oil)
Seal with Grapeseed Oil 
Moisturize one more time with African Price Olive Oil Moisturizer(using this up)
Wrap my hair with a Silk Scarf


  1. Wow! Your hair is so gorgeous and I love all the different styles you come up with.


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