Thursday, December 26

Twisted Marley Bun

Hey Everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. 
I redid my twists on Saturday and wanted to try something different. 

I saw some YT videos and was inspired to create a bun using Marley hair. 

It's actually VERY easy. 
I just twisted each side of 1 pack of Marley hair and replaced the elastic(that's in the center of the hair) with a cotton hair band. 

To attach to my hair, I just:
Put my hair in a ponytail
Used the hair band on the Marley hair to create a "fold over" bun
Then wrapped the Marley hair around my bun

This is my new go-to hair style. I  just jazz it up with a hair scarf. 

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  1. That looks adorable and really natural! I'm inspired to try that when I wear my hair out again.

    1. Thank you!
      Girl, with all that hair, you would have similar results without the Marley hair. lol
      But I think it will look great on you!

  2. In need of a natural hair practitioner in my area, I live in Levittown,Pa 19055 and no place for African Hair in sight!

    1. I'm sorry to hear! I'm not familiar with the area, but hoping some readers may be able to help

  3. THIS is stunning! Seems so simple swell
    thanks for sharing :)

    Mixed Hair


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