Sunday, September 15

Transition Update: 1 Year Post Relaxer

Happy Sunday!!

Hope you all are doing well.

As some of you may know, my sister is transitioning from relaxed to natural.
What prompted her to transition was her last relaxer. The stylist (at Monica Todd Salon in Boston) overprocessed her hair SO much that it became so thin and lifeless. I put the salon out there because there is no excuse for a professional salon, that charges an extraordinary amount of money, to do that.
But this transition has made her hair the healthiest it's been for a while, so I guess MT did her a favor.

Anyway, her yearly regimen was as follows: 

September- November: Wash, deep condition, roller-set, wear hair down or in a ponytail. By the second and third month she would get her roots flat-ironed

November - February: Kinky Twists with added hair

February- June: Detangle, Wash, Deep Condition, Airdry every 2-4 weeks.
Wear hair in a bun or clipped up ( this was the hardest stage for her).

June- September- Kinky twists with added hair

She has been relaxed for about 15 years straight, no off period, so she is pretty used to straight hair and it does look good on her(not to mention it is more manageable for her while straight). So, she will most likely be a straight hair natural, well until her natural hair is a little longer.

For the remainder of her transition, which may be for about 6 months, she will get hair straightened at the salon monthly.

This is her hair at the one year mark after being heat free for 9 months:

Friday, September 6

The (Potential) Stages of a Long Term Transition

Transition from Relaxed to Natural that is.
Each of these emotions may come at different times or you may not experience them at all.

Stage 1(months 1-4) :
Excitement and Determination- I can do this! I am so happy I am transitioning and can’t wait until I’m fully natural. I’m going to research like crazy, watch tons of YT videos, subscribe to some blogs and maybe even register on a forum.  

Sunday, September 1

My FRO is Back !!!!

Y'all don't know how much I missed my hair. Having braids was a nice break, but taking them out was the best feeling ever.
I had them in for a total of 6 weeks although I planned to keep them in for 8. Oh well, 6 weeks is good enough.
When I removed them, my hair was so moisturized. I don't know if it was the braid spray or the shea-butter I used when braiding, but my hair was SOFT!