Wednesday, November 20

Twists Update- Week 4

It has been 4.5 weeks since I have had these twists in my hair.

To switch things up a little, I decided to curl them on Saturday.

Saturday, November 16

Missing the FRO!

I have had these twists in for 4 weeks now and I miss my fro although I typically wear it in a puff.  I will most definitely keep the twists in for another 2-3 weeks despite the fact that I miss my hair.
Week 4 update will be posted next week.  

5 Reasons Why I Don't Like Raw Mango Butter

I have always wanted to try Mango Butter and finally got my hands on some back in September.
Now, one of the reasons why I never purchased it was because the only store I saw it at, charged a grip for a container. It was like $15 dollars compared to the $7 or $8 I would pay for Shea-butter.
But I ended up finding it on 125th Street in Harlem for $10 and I was so happy to finally try it out.

Before I get into why I don't like it, let me show you the reasons why THEY say you should use Mango Butter.

Click to enlarge

Tuesday, November 5

Twists Update- Week 2

I have had these twists in for 2 weeks now(as of 11.2.13)
I must say that I am slightly missing my fro! I always get this way and the feeling will pass soon.
I love that my hair always looks “done” in the morning without much effort.
I put in a couple Cowry Shells because I just like the look of them.