Sunday, January 12

Twists to a Braid-Out

When I first went back to natural, I hated the way braid and twist-outs looked on me. I stuck to the same ol' puff and kept it moving. Now that I have a little more length, I have been experimenting with more "down" styles. For now, I am going to try more braid-outs, twist-outs and bantu-knots.
Later on in the year I am going to stop being lazy and use my flexi-rods, perm-rods, rollers and even my caruso rollers. I'm not about wasting my money, so I will most definitely put those curlers to use. 

On to my hair: 

For the week, I wear my hair in twists:

This was done on stretched hair 

I took them out on Friday and was left with this:

I liked the look of the twist out and could have preserved it, but decided to finger detangle and braid my hair that night. I only sprayed my hair with my water/avj mix since my hair was already kind of greasy. I did a total of 9 braids. 4 on the left and 5 on the right. 

The next morning I moisturized my hair with the Shea Moisture-Green Bottle, unbraided, separated a little and was left with this:

Growing out the eyebrows. Never noticed how thick they were.

I feel like because my hair was greasy and this was not done on freshly washed hair, it was weighed down and not as big as I want. I also could have shook my hair up a little or separated more.

Oh well, this is all about trial and error.

Happy Sunday and have a blessed week! 


  1. I like your braid-out the best. I hope you pick it out more next time so its huuuge lol

    1. Thanks. Lol I will and I'll make sure my hair isn't so greasy too.

  2. Your braid out is one of the best I've seen.
    Mixed Hair

    1. Wow, such a great compliment. Thank you!


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