Saturday, January 11

New Products

When I started my hair journey, I was buying new products like crazy, always trying to find the next best thing. 
Well, things have changed. I rarely purchase new products unless I really need them. I basically stick to what I have and re-purchase when necessary. 

On to my new products: 

Lily of the Desert 99% Aloe Vera Gelly- I use this for my face and hair. I purchased this because it has less ingredients than the Fruit of the Earth brand I used to purchase. When I tell you this is the best gel I have ever used, I am not lying! It lays my edges really well and there are no flakes. As for my skin, it keeps my face oil free. 

Shea Moisture- Yucca &  Baobab Thickening Growth Milk- My main moisturizer is AVJ/Water/Oil which I seal in with Shea-Butter. That's what I use every time I moisturize and my hair has been doing well with that. I purchased this because, honestly, I just wanted to try something different. I also wanted to see if my hair would react well to this an the added protein. It's just okay. Nothing special. I use it to moisturize my twists during the week and will not re-purchase when I run out. 

Scunci- No Slip Grips- I am ALWAYS losing my ponytail holders. I was down to a few and it was time to re-up. I typically used the cotton seamless ones. Sometimes my hair would get caught on it, so I wanted something smoother. These "No Slip Grips" are great and although I still see a strand or two on the band, I like these so much better than cotton holders. 

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