Monday, February 24

3 Ways I Keep My Hair Healthy in the Winter

This is by far one of the worst Winters I have ever experienced. Luckily my hair hasn't suffered much and here is why.

1.) More Protein- In general, natural hair doesn't need as much protein as chemically treated hair. For me, it helps keep my hair strong, but I must only use a light protein treatment. Because of the extremely cold weather, then high dry heat at work and home, my hair needs more protein in the winter. I have been doing light protein treatments(ORS Replenishing Pack) once a month. By doing so, my hair remains strong yet soft.

Friday, February 21

Detangling- The Bane of My Hair Journey

Hey Y’all!! Hope you all are doing great!

I decided that I will officially end my “hair growth” journey at the end of the year.
So whatever length I am left with, I will maintain for years to come(well that’s if I do not suffer a setback God forbid). Meaning, I will then begin to trim far more often. I currently trim every 6 months or so(I don't use heat, harsh tools, chemicals and my hair is primarily in protective styles) and starting next year, I will most likely trim every 8 weeks.

Monday, February 10

Vacationing With the Fro - 4C Natural Hair

Hey Y'all! Hope everyone is doing fabulous!

I recently went to Vegas to celebrate my birthday and surprisingly, caring for my hair was super easy.

These are the only things I needed:

Sunday, February 2

Review: Luxe Therapy Scalp Smoother

I have tried almost every type of Afro pic under the sun. 

For the most part, they did their job which was to add a little more volume to my hair. But because my hair is kind of thick I needed something that could get to my roots easier while also being gentle on my hair. In comes the Scalp Smoother. I learned about this from MissCinnamonCake on Youtube. She used it in a few of her videos and also did a review.  I was sold by the review and purchased it a few weeks later. 

On to my review.