Friday, February 21

Detangling- The Bane of My Hair Journey

Hey Y’all!! Hope you all are doing great!

I decided that I will officially end my “hair growth” journey at the end of the year.
So whatever length I am left with, I will maintain for years to come(well that’s if I do not suffer a setback God forbid). Meaning, I will then begin to trim far more often. I currently trim every 6 months or so(I don't use heat, harsh tools, chemicals and my hair is primarily in protective styles) and starting next year, I will most likely trim every 8 weeks.

Why you ask?
Well, my hair is only between SL and APL and it takes up to 2 hours to detangle! Granted, I primarily finger detangle every 1-2 weeks and use a comb every 1-2 months.  But for the last couple of months, I have been dreading my detangling sessions. I try not to rush through it because the health of my hair is very  important to me, but I jump for joy when I finally finish.
It may not look like it in pictures, but my hair is very thick. For instance, one section(when divided in 4’s), contains the same amount of thickness I had when relaxed. I’m not complaining about that, but that just means my detangling time multiplied.

Styling takes just as much time, but it always took me that long to style so I don’t mind.  

I will actively try and grow my hair out this year, hoping to make full BSL by the end of the year, but that’s the longest I want my hair to be.

Question for you, whether relaxed or natural:

How long does it take for you to detangle?


  1. I trim when i think I need to. I fact, I just took off a inch the other day. It hurt to do it, but it was for the best. I think i'm going to focus on my thickness, and fight breakage, which has become real bothersome lately.

    1. That's good! That is how I go about trimming as well. My ends are in really good condition so twice a year has worked so far.
      You'll get that inch back in no time especially while focusing on the health of your hair.
      Why do you think your hair is breaking

    2. Sometimes I think my hair is too dry, but it baffles me because I pile on the moisturizer, atleast every other day or every two days. I've tried moisturizing conditioners, protein conditioners. I often wonder if its because I sweat (work out atleast 5 times a week). I have used heat, Dec.-Jan, but I've used a heat protector, and i only blow dry on low about 50-60 percent (i found air drying hard in the winter months).

      I do realize that i was doing a no no while my hair was still damp, like applying leave in, and even blow drying it, but i corrected that my last wash, and i'm going to sorta work backwards to try and pinpoint the problem.

    3. Oh. For me, a little bit of glycerin in my water mix before applying my sealant has helped. Also, keeping my hair tends to retain more moisture when in twists or braids during the week.
      If the sweat is traveling down the strands of your hair, I would suggest co-washing a couple times a week.

      I think it's best to blow-dry on damp hair so you can still retain moisture. I'm sure you will pinpoint the problem in no time.

  2. hmm, it depends on how far into my stretch I am. right after a touch up, about a minute. after 5 months of stretching, about 30-60 minutes on wash days. my hair has been in the waist-hip length range.

    1. Ahhh I miss the minute detangling sessions!
      30-60 min. Isn't bad either.
      Thanks for sharing!


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