Sunday, March 23

Random Hair Pics

Happy Sunday!
I just wanted to share some random pics of my hair from this year. I am 1 year fully natural as of March 8, 2014 :-) This is mainly how I wear my hair during the weekdays and on weekends. I also threw in some "trials" as well. 
Yes, I know I have the same pose and smile in most of the pics. Try to overlook that and focus on the hair, lol. 

Friday- Removed braids I had it all week 

Saturday- The Day After washing my hair
One of the ways I wear my hair during the week. Lazy chunky twists put up with bobby pins. This style only lasts a week. 
Stretched puff on a Saturday 
My hair twisted for the week- Smaller twists usually last 2 weeks

Pinned back twists-  Week 2 in them

I tried to do the same bun I used to do when transitioning. It's messy, But I think in a few months I'll be able to do it easily and neater. 

My 2 week set of twists 

A Friday Puff 

Tried the bangs look. Not sure how I feel about it

My Hair after the trim. I see a difference in length.
The Hair I cut off. It ranges from 1-2 inches.

My Puff from yesterday. It's a little smaller because of the trim

The pics are from the end of January until now. As you can see, I don't do much with my hair, but I do enjoy it. 


  1. I love you puff! Looks so nice

    1. Thank you! That's my favorite style. :-)

  2. Congrats on meeting your goal, your hair looks great and healthy! I haven't visited your blog in so long since I left, but I got a new one now!

    Cheers, Lian :)

    1. Thank you!!
      Glad to see you back.
      I'm picking up a slight perfume addiction, so I will definitely follow your new blog.

  3. Love your puff! You rock it so well!


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