Friday, March 21

Will I Ever Straighten My Hair?

Image found on Tumblr, but I know two of the ladies are Reneice(bottom left) and EClark(top right)

It has been about 2 years and 3 months since I last used direct heat and have seen my hair fully straight.

So, will I ever straighten my hair again? I have learned to never say never, but there is a 1% chance that I will ever straighten my hair. I'm not against using heat and I love to see the contrast from natural curly/coily hair to straight hair on others, it's just not something I desire.

Here are my reasons why:

1.) Part of me returning to natural was to embrace MY natural hair in it's natural state. I love my hair and I don't even like doing styles that manipulates the texture. So, why would I straighten it?

2.) It will take far too long- I already know it will be a 5+ hour process to straighten my hair. I DO NOT like spending that much time on my hair for a style that will only last 2 weeks tops.

3.) Yes, I am scared of heat damage- I am pretty sure I know how to safely straighten natural hair, but any use of high heat will cause damage on the hair whether it's noticeable damage or not. I do not want to loosen my texture or have it change in any shape or form.

4.) I NEVER really looked good with straight hair- There is a reason why God made me the way he/she did. When I look at past pictures, I now see that curly/coily hair fits me better. Even when I was relaxed, I stayed doing braid-outs and other curly sets.

5.) I'm not trying to blend in- Well, I'm not trying to stick out either. So many people have straight hair. Everywhere I go, no matter the race/ethnicity, I see straight hair. I like that my hair is a little different.

Although I do like straight hair and think it looks beautiful on many people, it's just not my preference to have it. So, those are my reasons for not straightening. But you never know, I may get tempted and straighten my hair out the blue. But chances of that happening are very low.

For my naturalistas, do you straighten your hair? If so, how often?


  1. I'm currently transitioning (9 months post) and I believe I will straighten my hair. I want to be able to see my length at some point.

    1. Oh wow! Congrats on making it to 9 months post. You'll be bcing before you know it.
      I hear you on wanting to see your length. It will be a pleasant surprise once you do BC.

  2. I've been natural for 2+ years and straightened twice - to trim and length check. My hair is very fine so straightening just makes it look limp and stuck to my head and I like being different.

    1. I bet it's much easier and probably more precise to trim with straight hair, so I see why you would straighten to do so.
      Yeah, I love how our natural hair can instantly add volume. I'm sure you look beautiful either way!

  3. I haven't been natural a year, and always said I wouldn't straighten my hair within the first year. I can't say, I won't ever straighten my hair, I just don't have a desire or interest to at all.....right now. I'm not even slightly curious. I mean, I had a relaxer for about 5 years(i think), so its not like I don't know what I look like with straight hair. I'm more into figuring out my hair as it is right now versus any curiousity to see it straight.

    1. We're >>>>here<<<<! I feel the same exact way.

  4. It's great to hear!

    Wish I loved my natural hair as much you do.

  5. Thanks!

    Aww, well being happy with your hair, whether curly or straight, is just as important.


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