Monday, May 12

A Day in the Life of My Natural Hair (Picture Heavy)

Okay, so I had twists in my hair from Monday-Sunday. On Sunday AM, I looked in the mirror(at my raggedy twists) and didn't like what I saw. I looked a hot mess and thought to myself, "life is too short to feel ugly." So, I took them out Sunday Morning.

This is what transpired after the twists removal.
*Keep in mind that my hair is oily and weighed down which is why it looks so thin.*

Directly after removing twists.

Didn't separate yet
My hair shrinks at least 50 percent
Tried to pin it back without separating, but my hair looked too thin
Tried a half up half down style but my hair looked crazy because the ends weren't separated

Tried a pompadour pony style, but wasn't feeling it
Tried a side-puff, but wasn't feeling that either
So, I put it in a regular puff and that looked a hot mess because the hair was somewhat stretched
So, I changed my shirt and earrings then settled on a ponytail.
See! All of that just for a dang ponytail. LOL. Gotta love the trials and errors of hair styling.
 ...and let me add that my hair never looks the same after removing twists(it all has to do with the size, how you care for  them and how you treat the hair after removing them)
This was my hair a few weeks ago after removing and finger combing  larger twists



  1. Lol! I sometimes go through the same thing, and my hair is a TWA! I'll start of with a wash and go, then a puff, and end up with a headwrap! The ponytail looks cute.

    1. Haha. Can't go wrong with a headwrap!
      Thank you :-)

  2. i liked the side puff.

  3. Hey sis!
    I can so relate! I had the same issue with my twists : they never looked the same at any two occasion. And yes, the products used and care has a lot to do with it.
    I love the puff and side puff on you along with the ponytail :)


    1. Hey pretty lady. I know exactly what you mean.
      Thank you!!


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