Thursday, June 5

Natural Hair Inspiration

Hey Y'all. Long time, no see! I hope you are doing well!
Okay, so I'm on Tumblr everyday and see beautiful heads of hair on the regular. I couldn't resist posting some of them on here.
I see the beauty in short, long, thin, thick, loc'ed, get the point, I see the beauty in all types of black hair!
Hope this can be of inspiration to some of y'all too!


*I do not own rights to any of these images. 


  1. Love the pictures! I had to laugh only because everyone pictured was skinny. lol! It's all good though. However, it would be interesting if the plus size ladies can get away with all the natural textures. Some of the looks were all in the attitude. Love it!

    1. Thank you for pointing that out. Because I am skinny, I tend to post women I relate most to on tumblr. Same for hair texture, I post women with kinkier/coily hair because that's what I have. There are PLENTY of beautiful plus sized women with natural hair. I have added a few(some may not be considered plus sized) to my post. Thanks for stopping by!


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