Monday, June 9

Hair Update- Picture Heavy

Hey Hey Hey!! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!
I just wanted to come by and give a quick update on my hair.

  • In the last month or so, I have been wearing my hair out a lot. I now keep my braids/twists in for only a few days out of the week opposed to the 1-2 weeks I used to do. I just want to enjoy my loose hair as much as possible.
  • I  did a Henna treatment last weekend. This time around I mixed it with coconut milk and my hair felt awesome afterwards. Coconut milk helps the henna rinse out so easily too. It's definitely a keeper in my henna mixes going forward.
  • I had to cut off about an inch off the back of my hair. It's growing so much faster than the rest of my hair and it has a looser texture, so it looked awkward and mullet like.
  • I have been really tempted to blow-out my hair, but because it's getting hot out, I will hold off until the Fall
  • I have been rocking a fro lately and I am loving it. I usually keep it shrunken, but will experiment with stretched out fros in the future.
  • My edges seem to be thinning and I don't know what's causing it. I also noticed a dime sized bald spot today in the front of my hair on the right. To say I'm devastated is an understatement. I plan on going to the Dr. to make sure I'm okay physically/internally. If so, I will be using an oil mix and scalp massages to help regrow it.
On to the pics:

The Ponytail 

 Puff with a braid
Regular Ol' puff

Chunky Twists pinned up

Smaller twists with cornrows on the side- Sadly I only kept this in for 4 days even though it took like 2 hours to do. Sticking to chunky 20 minute twists/braids going forward. 
 My Hair after taking out those twists.
Chunky twist out which was fluffed out to the max
Shrunken Fro
Later that night
 The signature puff- perfect for hot days
Now that it's getting hot out, the puff will be in full effect.
What's your go-to Summer hair-style?


  1. I have the same mullet issues and also cut the back of my hair. I hated to see the length go but it looked 1000% better. My summer go to style are twist updos and puffs.

    1. Good to know it's not just me. I bet it does look 100% better.
      Thanks for sharing. Gotta love twist updos and puffs!

  2. The back of my hair is a mystery. Like yours it grows faster than the rest, and its completely different texture. Its more 2-3 type. Its makes it really weird when i'm doing twist, because it is looser.

    I have the same issues with my edges. I started noticing in changes in my edges while i was relaxing. It was one of my reasons for growing out my hair too, but it only got thinner while i was transitioning. I use to stretch my relaxers, so i couldn't blame it on that. And now that i'm completely natural, a year to be exact, i have no idea.

    1. Looks like we're in the same boat. I'm able to conceal the back of my hair pretty well in stretched styles and have to scrunch it more when doing fros. A puff comes in handy too because you wouldn't be able to tell.

      I'll let you know if I figure out a way to repair these edges.

  3. Hi Ms. D. I really like your post. As for your edges, do you use a brush to pull your hair back in a bun. I know brushes pull the front of hair out. Your edges are fragile and any tight pull will damage them. Like you said, it might be something else; internal maybe.

    How exactly do you mix the henna with the coconut milk?

    1. Hi Tee! Thank you :-)

      I don't use brushes, I actually use my fingers to slick my hair back then tie the front down with a scarf. Just doing that could be it too. Thanks for the advice!

      To mix the henna and coconut milk; I just mix 100g of henna with a can of coconut milk and add about 1 tspn of olive oil. I then immediately apply it to my hair. Simple and quick. I don't henna for color, but the color still releases.
      Thanks for commenting!


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