Monday, August 11

Vacationing with the Fro- Pt. 3

Hey Y'all!!! Hope everyone is doing fabulous!!

I recently went on a trip and wanted to show y'all how I styled my hair each day.

Let's start with the night looks. 
Because I knew I would be dancing a lot, I knew that I wanted my hair up and out of the way. 

First night, I did a simple side puff

For the second night, because I wasn't wearing any bright colors, I wanted my hair to stand out a little more. So I put in some color using Maybeline color tattoo shadow. They had almost no more shadows left, so I was left with this. I will probably use more shadow and distribute it more evenly next time I do this. 

For the last night, I did a fro-hawk. I, unfortunately didn't get any good pics of my hair though. 

For the day looks, I kept it simple with side and regular ol' puffs. 

At night, I just slept with a plastic cap and that's it. Caring for my hair was very simple which makes me wonder why I ever thought braids were a necessity when traveling. 

And yes,  I know I pose exactly the same way in every pic. I'm working on it haha

Hope you all have a great week!

Until next time....


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