Monday, September 1

Protective Style- Marley Twists

Hey Y'all!!! Hope you're doing fabulous!

I have been wearing my hair out all Summer and I needed a change. At the spur of the moment, on Saturday AM, I decided to put some twists in my hair. I ended up starting them at 4pm and finished at 9:30pm. I was surprised how fast I did them(compared to the 8hrs in the past), but I was determined to finish and enjoy my evening.

I used Marley hair although I forget the exact brand names. I decided to switch it up and use red(#99) hair(for highlights) opposed to the #30(brown/blonde) hair I typically used.

I plan to keep these in for about 4 weeks, maybe more depending on the neatness.

I lightly blow-dried my hair the night before(coincidentally). It made things much easier. Now that I think about it, that's probably why I twisted my hair so fast.

When twisting, I just applied some moisturizer(African pride- trying to use this up) mixed with castor oil.

For upkeep, I just spray my scalp and length of  my real hair with African Pride Braid spray. 
I will be curling the hair in a week or so and may add some cowry shells to spice things up. 

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  1. Cute!!!! Another great look! Did you notice if the amount of Marley hair in the packs have been reduced? How many packs were needed for this longer look?

    1. Thank you!! Yes, I did notice. I purchased a pack that cost $9.00 that had double the size of the normal pack although it was tough to separate the hair. I wish I remembered the brand name(I'll find out though) So I used almost all of that, 1 full pack of a normal sized pack(cost $6.00) and half of the red.

    2. Oh and I cut the pack in half then used only one strand for each twist. I just separated the strand and used the "layering method" to make the hair longer.

  2. Yaaaay, you did the Marley twists! They look great and so does your natural hair.


    1. Hey lady! Lol yeah, I loved them.
      Thank you!!!


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