Friday, September 26

Hello There!

How I mainly wore the twists 

Hey hey hey! Hope you ALL are doing well!
Just wanted to say hello and give a brief update on my hair.

I took the twists out. I had them in for almost 4 weeks and it was time for them to go. They started to look raggedy and I did not feel like re-doing some. So, I took them out last night. All went well until I realized I cut my real hair in the back(insert sad and shocked face here) when cutting the ends of the twists. I had no idea my hair was that long. Instead of crying, I took it as a blessing in disguise.

Monday, September 1

Protective Style- Marley Twists

Hey Y'all!!! Hope you're doing fabulous!

I have been wearing my hair out all Summer and I needed a change. At the spur of the moment, on Saturday AM, I decided to put some twists in my hair. I ended up starting them at 4pm and finished at 9:30pm. I was surprised how fast I did them(compared to the 8hrs in the past), but I was determined to finish and enjoy my evening.