Thursday, January 14

2 Braids and a Bun

This is my go to protective hair style. It's so easy/quick to do and lasts the whole week.
In the morning, I quickly moisturize my hair, slick back my edges(Curlz Passion Fruit Control Paste) and tie my hair down with a Satin Scarf then remove it when I get to work.

I don't always keep the back portion loose. I typically twist it up then put it in a bun.

What's your go-to style?
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  1. The hairstyle is great on you, my go-to style is mini twists which carry me up to my washday.

    1. Thank you! I love the look of mini-twists. That's a great go-to style

  2. I agree, this is a very nice style for you. Compliments your face very well.

    Jay of


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