Thursday, January 7

TBT- The Wash and Fro

I did this Wash and Fro back in September 2015.
Let me start by saying that when my hair is stretched, the length difference in the back(it's a lot longer) and the front(shorter) of my hair is very noticeable. It would sometimes bother me and I would often contemplate cutting my hair into a somewhat taper cut. That idea went out the window once I decided to rock a fro. I love the shape of my hair in the unstretched state. This is how it's supposed to be and it now makes sense why it grows how it does.

To achieve this look, I just:
Co-washed my hair
T-shirt Dried It
Added leave-in & moisturizer in sections while finger detangling
Lightly finger detangled again once 90% dry

That's about it.

Have a great weekend!

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