Wednesday, May 31

I Like Big Buns - 4C Natural Hair

Now that my hair is a little longer and because I want to protect my ends, I have been doing a lot more buns. I do all types of buns, but my favorite are high buns.

Here are some photos and the steps to how I created my favorite bun looks.

The "Twisted Bun"

To get create this "Twisted Bun", I:

  • Started with stretched hair
  • Placed hair in a high ponytail using a satin scarf
  • Create 5, very loose, twists. Two on the side and one in the middle
  • Pull the twists back and up
  • Gently bobby-pin the ends of the twists into the center of the bun

The "Puff Bun"

To Create this "Puff Bun", I:

  • Started off with freshly washed, lightly stretched hair
  • Placed hair in a mid-high ponytail using a regular hair band
  • tucked ends under and bobby-pinned them at the back

The "Wrapped  Bun"

To create this "Wrapped Bun",  I:

  • Started with slightly shrunken hair from a 3 day old braid-out
  • Placed hair into a puff (so the "ponytail" was not tight and the center of my hair was out)
  • Starting from the back,  loosely rolling and tucking the hair, using bobby pins to keep it in place.

Which one is your favorite?

Also, if you need a more detailed tutorial, let me know and I'll see what I can do!

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